Defend yourself e-book

The electronic book for your mobile phone, reader or computer contains a complete theory of self-defense using the Kobukrav technique. It is written in an understandable language and has been worked on by real users of our self-defense system who want to share their experiences with you.
V knihe sa dozviete:

  • What is Kobukrav and why is it so effective
  • Comparison of Kobukrav and other martial arts
  • How to fight the Kobutan keychain and common objects around us
  • How to defend against an attacker with a weapon or under the influence of drugs
  • As for the self-defense of children
  • Lots of more information


Dare to the basics of self-defense! With our video course, you will learn simple, life-saving techniques you need at home in the living room.

The licensee of the KOBUKRAV self-defense system together with the three-time MMA champion Gábor Boráros will show you how to get out of the most demanding situations with the help of kobutan. 

It doesn't matter if you have a slim figure or a few extra pounds. We will teach you a simple and very effective technique thanks to kobutan, which does not require extraordinary strength or experience with martial arts. 

You can handle it easily, regardless of age or gender.

Me and the coronavirus - an international online competition in drawing and recording TikTok videos for children

This unique competition looks through the eyes of children at the coronavirus, and their experiences. The wonderful idea of ​​the competition is to honor the victims of the coronavirus with drawings. Our dream is to create our own museum for works from these competitions!


Course participants will learn quality basics of functional self-defense against the most common types of threats and attacks.

The learned reactions and procedures must be deeply integrated into the physical and mental memory, ie into the acumen of sensations of the sensory and nervous system and subsequently the performance of the body.