The concept of Kobukrav

This new expression was created from two words:


Kobutan is a Japanese self-defence tool while Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defence system meaning combat. We joined the tool with the system and present them in a whole new approach to the Readers.

Our offer

Social programmes-trainings for organizators-unexpected situations. E.g.panic, act of terrorism

Demonstration teaching-festivals, village festivals, markets, fairs, any other occassions.

Self-defence trainings for adults-the importance is prevention and teaching our simple and effective techniques. You don´t need any experience, suitable for any age group.

Self-defence summer camps- Self-defence trainings for schools-we usually do it on PE lessons. Children learn the most important telephone number (SOS numbers-police, ambulance,…). They also learn our useful, simple, effective escape and defence techniques.

Special self-defence courses-every job has the most frequent attack models. We offer simple, effective techniques for teachers, drivers, postmen, waitresses.

Workshop, teambuilding-it´s recommended for companies, institutions, villages, towns, sport clubs, mass organizations

"I and coronavirus" –children drawing

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Experience during coronavirus and quarantine

We would like to commemorate victims of coronavirus. 

Tibor Sklut- Competitor organizer