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Imagine walking down a dark, unlit street, beginning with muffled footsteps. They stand for a while and they also support the dark figure behind you. You'll step later. You don't even have to look around to change that your pursuer has added to the step. You run. It is clear to you that you have nowhere to go and he will catch up with you soon. Do you know what you do then ...?

The KOBUKRAV self-defense system, developed together with specialists by the self-defense and security expert Tibor Sklut, is a simple and, thanks to a special device, kobutan also very effective techniques, able to protect health or even life. for age or gender. The name Kobukrav was created by combining two basic elements that characterize this way of self-defense.


Kobutan is a Japanese self-defence tool while Krav Maga is an Israeli selfdefence system meaning combat.

Learn the unique KOBUKRAV self-defense system directly from its creator and defend yourself even in the most difficult situations.

What do we offer you?

The civic association Kobukrav deals with the education of basic self-defense techniques for young people and the general public. The Kobukrav self-defense system was created by ordinary people from the street, who managed to find effective techniques in crisis situations and want to share their experience with you.

Kobukrav is not a martial art for top athletes, but a simple system of solutions to manage danger. Our defense techniques can be done by anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, they are easy to remember and they really work. We believe that everyone should be able to defend themselves against physical danger and thus be prepared for all the pitfalls of the outside world.

Safe school- In 2021 we will start our new project: www.bezpecnaskola.sk

Self-defense video course - Ideal for girls, women, men, couples, or the elderly. It doesn't matter if you have a slim figure or a few extra pounds. We will teach you a simple and very effective technique thanks to kobutan, which does not require extraordinary strength or experience with martial arts. You can handle it easily, regardless of age or gender. You will receive the video course from us as a gift if you become a member of our association.

Live and online self-defense courses for schools - Don't give a chance to child bullying. Our most important target group is children. In our interactive lectures, we place emphasis on prevention, verbal defense and the adoption of very effective and at the same time simple techniques. We give lectures during a physical education class, so the participation of all children is ensured! We will teach children to defend themselves against aggressors, we will increase their independence and healthy self-confidence. We also offer courses for pedagogical, non-pedagogical school employees.

Live and online self-defense courses for adults - are especially suitable for women and seniors, with an emphasis on prevention and the adoption of so-called escape techniques.

Special courses - broken down by profession. Ideal especially for taxi drivers, waiters, postal deliverymen, teachers and everyone who faces difficult situations in the performance of their profession.

Summer self-defense camps for kids - Mastering the art of self-defense can save your child's life. Teaching takes place in a playful way, children will have fun and learn basic techniques. We organize in Dunajská Streda, but we also plan in other cities in Slovakia, resp. also in other countries

Don't let it be! - we represent an excellent Czech application against child bullying in Slovakia and Hungary. www.nntb.sk

Me and the coronavirus - are the organizers of this unique children's drawing competition

We are planning ad hoc exhibitions of these drawings around the world

Coming soon - courses for Kobukrav instructors

We are looking for our representatives from all EU countries. This can become a non-profit organization, a civic association, an institution, but also an individual.

If you are interested in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us!

Other activities

  • Manufacture of SOS products - magnets and labels that can save health or life in crisis situations.
  • Kobutan production - small but effective self-defense weapons. All you have to do is hang the kobutan on your keys and get a functional decoration that allows you to hit sensitive and pressure areas on the human body. Wearing cobalt is, of course, completely legal.
  • Workshops, teambuilding - suitable for businesses, institutions, municipalities and cities.
  • Bezpečnostná príprava organizátorov spoločenských podujatí – nepredvídané udalosti, stresové situácie, stavy všeobecného ohrozenia, teroristické útoky a pod.

Basic data:

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Headquarters: Trhovisko 444/6 929 01 Dunajská Streda

Registered on: Ministerstve vnútra SR:dňa 29.12.2017,číslo spisu: VVS/1-900/90-529 50