Defend Yourself-ebook

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We can be witnesses of violent incidents. Mainly they are about stealing,
burglary, robbery. These affect people very negatively.
Kobukrav is a very special method. It can improve people´s own self
defence style. These techniques are unforgettable.



Theoretical part of the Kobukrav self defence
Introduction-Kobukrav techniques
Successful survival techniques
Krav Maga elements, martial arts kontra Kobukrav
Kobutan – keyring
Personal alarm
Self-defence video course
Self defence for children
Self defence for women
SOS sticker
The importance of prevention
Escape and defence techniques
Defence against knife, stick attacker armed attack
Fight against real fighters
Defence against drug abusers
Using objects in self defence
Few principles in case of attacks
Life beyond fight
True storiesDefense Yourself e-book eng


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